Monday, April 23, 2007

The Practicals

I've always been weak in the practicals. I'm the guy who finds the "ivory tower" designation to be somewhat complementary. If I could I would spend the majority of my time thinking, reading, and writing. But I realize that a lot of what introverted Christians are looking for are practical suggestions for things like how to turn their perceived weaknesses into strengths, how to get involved in a church in a way that's true to their nature, how to get their church to realize there are lots of introverts out there who aren't always comfortable with church culture and the ways values are presented, how to make friendships, how to recharge, etc.

I need to sharpen my thinking in this arena, especially if I'm going to be able to help fellow introverts find confidence in navigating extroverted church culture (incidentally, I met a woman the other day who is currently working on a large scale critique on the extroverted tendencies of American culture and institutions as a whole - how ambitious is that?!).

Let me throw this issue out to my readers, so we can start discussing these things together. What are the practical questions that you have about being an introvert in the Church? Where are you stuck? How have you found success? How have you failed?