Monday, October 29, 2007

Do you relate?

In my research on the nature and characteristics of introverts, I have found much that I agree with but also a few things I do not resonate with at all. Here is a description of introversion I found this weekend:

"Introverts fear failure in public and experience deep humiliation because of it. If the teacher grabs you for a demonstration of a new skill or your spouse puts you on the spot to put a bicycle together it can be extremely stressful."

Do you other introverts relate to this? Is this a genuine description of introversion or is this a distortion of it, rooted in insecurity? I can relate to feeling uncomfortable when put on the spot to give my opinion, but only because I prefer to prepare for something like that. But I don't have a big fear of public failure and I certainly don't relate to the example of a "spouse putting you on the spot to put a bicycle together."

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