Saturday, October 13, 2007


IVP wants me to work on another title for my book. They think that "Introverted Church" does not convey what my book is actually about. When people asked me this week what my book is about, it was a little bit of a struggle. It's easier to say who it's for than what it's about. I would respond "It's for introverts trying to survive Christian community." I was surprised by how positive people were about my idea. I even met someone, who lives at a camp on an island, who reads my blog, through dial-up internet!

So I'm soliciting your help, gentle introverted readers, for book title suggestions. I would like it to either have introvert in the title or at least in the subtitle, so anyone who searches on introvert on amazon will access it easily.

For a reminder, here are my chapters descriptions:

1. Introduction - personal narrative as an introvert and introverted pastor in the Church
2. The Problem of the Extroverted Church - chapter exposing the extroverted bias of the Church (I'm mostly addressing evangelical churches in this book)
3. What is an introvert? Straightforward.
4. Introverted Healing - finding peace in who God created us to be and talking about the gifts that introverts bring to the Church
5. Introverted Spirituality - how do I experience the spiritual life as an introvert?
6. Introverted Community - how do I fit into Christian community as an introvert?
7. Introverted Leadership - first chapter, exposing the extroverted bias of Christian leadership and demonstrating how introverts are able to swim against this tide; second chapter, practicals about how to lead as an introvert
8. Introverted Evangelism - I think you get it.
9. Suggestions for churches - Ideas for being more welcoming of introverts

Any ideas? I don't need a book title for a few months, so if you can't come up with one now, maybe you can think of one later. Thank you!