Monday, April 7, 2008

Pros and Cons

As a pastor currently serving as a hospice chaplain, I occupy a particular ministry niche. My ministry has some crossover with traditional pastoral work as well as some variance. I find that some aspects of the job suit my introversion and other aspects conflict with it.


1. Most of my pastoral interactions are one on one.
2. A big part of my job description is listening.
3. I drive from interaction to interaction, affording me personal time between visits.
4. Working in health care mandates thorough documentation, which is done privately.
5. The job is 8 to 5, and most of my weekends are open.
6. I have the opportunity to have ongoing relationships with a few patients.
7. My interactions involve quite a bit of depth.


1. I am constantly interacting with people.
2. I have no opportunity to hide in an office, when I'm drained.
3. Every week I am regularly meeting new people, and I usually only see them once.
4. I talk on the phone a lot.
5. I have a quota of how many patients I need to see each week (the bane of my job!!).
6. I only see the people who give me energy - other chaplains and social workers - occasionally.
7. Reading, reflecting, and writing are not core parts of my job.