Friday, June 27, 2008

It doesn't totally suck

I've finished chapter 8. Whew! And it doesn't totally suck. (step 5 of Adam's writing sequence) Each chapter is taking progressively longer than the preceding one and is getting progressively longer than the preceding one. This one is 34 pages! I'm pretty sure the good people at IVP will be cutting that one down.

Chapter 7 was a more abstract chapter about leadership theory and how current leadership discussions, and also some biblical discussions, open up the doors for introverts to lead effectively. Chapter 8 is a more practical look at how introverts can lead in the church in a way that is true to their natures. Without giving too much away, here are some topics I discussed:

1. The example of Moses, who had many struggles that parallel the experiences of introverts in leadership.

2. Self-care: what are the pitfalls introverted leaders face and how do we strike a healthy balance in ministry?

3. Introverted preaching

4. Sharing your life as a leader

5. Following Jesus' example of focusing on "the few"

6. Spiritual direction and applying the principles of spiritual direction to all of our ministry

7. Team leadership: introverts and extroverts leading together

8. Communicating with extroverts

Two chapters to go:
1. Chapter 9: introverts and evangelism
2. Chapter 10: introverts in church.