Monday, June 16, 2008

A little quiet

I know it's been a little quiet here over the last week. My wife and I were celebrating our anniversary and my birthday with a trip up to Santa Ynez wine country, perhaps my favorite place in the world. The people who masterminded the movie Sideways were definitely on to something there. It was a nice break from writing, which when you're doing it 8 hours a day, can become incredibly oppressive. I've had a few incomplete, lazy reflections over the last few days:

1. Being married to an extrovert and all the joys and struggles that go into that. The truth is, if I were married to another introvert, I'm not sure how much conversation would take place! My wife definitely fills up the awkward silences.

2. Introverts and evangelism. That is the chapter that is up next, and my introverted pastor preached a sermon on it yesterday. There will be more to follow in this space about this topic.

3. Introverts and birthdays. Most of my friends throw parties for their birthdays. I like to go up to wine country with my wife, play some golf, take in the scenery, drink some wine, and enjoy the quiet.

4. Introverts and sports. I just finished watching the US Open, a fierce battle between Tiger Woods, intense introvert, and Rocco Mediate, chatty, affable extrovert. It was a very interesting dynamic - the crowd seemed pretty divided between the two. Rocco was accessible, whereas Tiger is passionate and unflappable.

5. Introverts and pets. I have realized how much my affinity for cats is related to my personality type. Cats are definitely introverts - they are happy by themselves, they usually run when encountering strangers but they are loyal and affectionate to their owners, and they are laid back and mellow.