Thursday, June 19, 2008

Multiple Personality Disorder

For research purposes, and also because I'm looking for a job, I've been scanning some pastoral positions in the PCUSA. At the same time, I've been reading The Power of Team Leadership by George Barna, in which the author advocates for a team-based approach to leadership. Barna claims that the most effective form of leadership is when a small group of four or five leaders is responsible for leading a church. It's been interesting to juxtapose Barna's findings with the the job descriptions I've been seeing:

Take, for example, this one:

B. Characteristics and qualifications needed

Proven track record in the following areas of ministry as a:

• Lay leader – training and small groups

• Manager of programs, staff, volunteers and committees

• Team builder – compassionate and relational

• Motivator – energetic and visionary

• Encourager –transparent and humble

I mean nothing against this church at all - in fact it is a very good church - but it strikes me that they are looking for one person to be at least the equivalent of what perhaps three people could bring to the position. The "manager of programs" bullet point describes someone who fits what Barna calls "strategic leader" function. The team builder qualification fits, appropriately, the "team builder" function. And the motivator characteristic fits the "directing leader" function. Barna says that individual leaders major on one of these functions, yet this church (and so many others) seems to be searching for a pastor with multiple personality disorder.

And of course, I can't help noticing that this position sounds EXTREMELY extroverted.

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