Friday, November 14, 2008

Introverted Preaching Unveiled

Here it is. The first sermon of what I hope will be many about introverts in Christian community. I ease my way into it a little, and I don't actually use the word "introvert" until around minute 12, so be patient. This sermon combines elements of chapter 5 (introverted community and relationships) and chapter 9 (introverts in church) of my book. It takes a larger look at how and why we participate in Christian community, and how common models of involvement in the church may be unfriendly to introverts (and others too). Let me know what you think.

It might be a little slow to open if you play it directly from this page. Download it for faster playback.

"The Goals and Perils of Community Life"

La Verne Heights Presbyterian Church 10/19/08