Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All but done

I sent in my revised manuscript yesterday to my editor, a full month and a half ahead of my deadline. I'm hoping that means we can move up the release date, but that depends on how many other projects are in the pipeline.

Here are a few things I added to my manuscript:

1. Section on the desert fathers - whom I call "introverted ancestors."

2. Section on the difference between introverted brains and extroverted brains.

3. An encouragement for introverts to sometimes "reveal your process": intimacy is built in messiness and vulnerability, and if introverts only tell people the conclusions they have reached without letting them into the decisionmaking process, they miss out on intimacy with others.

4. Section on the practice of sabbath

A committee is meeting today to recommend a title; I'll let you know when we have decided on it.