Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Reviews

I got my manuscript back from my editor last week, and I was very encouraged by the feedback. If you are unfamiliar with the editorial process, here's what happens: after the author finishes his first draft, he sends it to his editor, who then sends it out to a few outside readers for feedback. In my case, a therapist, a pastor, and a parachurch leader trained in MBTI read mine, along with my editor.

In general the response was very positive, and the feedback that wasn't positive was very helpful and constructive. One reader was positively glowing in her notes, saying that she felt more helped by reading the manuscript than she offered help to IVP! She called my book "groundbreaking."

Now I'm sifting through the feedback and making the necessary changes to my manuscript. I'm also compiling a "For Further Reading" book list and some reflection questions that will be inserted at the end of every chapter. I also have about 6000 words to excise, which is a brutal exercise for me. We are also still working on a title.

After I send my revised manuscript, my editor (who is awesome, by the way) will go through it and copyedit it, and then after that we start moving towards printing, cover designs, and sending it out for reviews before it is published. I'm working on some names of well respected introverts that could write blurbs on the back of the book. The whole process takes a LONG time. We're still shooting for a release date of fall '09.