Thursday, January 8, 2009

Introvert specific groups

I received an encouraging email a few weeks ago from a seminary student who is leading a small group for introverted college students. It wasn't an intentional strategy on her part, but the group just formed that way. They meet together regularly and also have begun a service project, which I think is an excellent idea because many introverts feel more comfortable in a behind-the-scenes role that doesn't require a great deal of talking.

When I was in college ministry, a couple of my colleauges started a small group called "Faith and Friends" that was directed towards shy (and many of them were introverts) students who wanted to build relationships but felt intimidated by larger social settings. They read and discussed together Rich Lamb's book, The Pursuit of God in The Presence of Friends. I thought it was a very helpful and creative ministry.

What do you think about introvert specific groups? If someone were starting a group, what advice would you give them?