Saturday, April 18, 2009

More about marketing

I asked this question a while ago, but I would like to re-introduce it because it has become more immediate. My manuscript is finished and now in the proof-reading phase, so marketing is front and center. I'm sending out copies to some potential endorsers, and we're formulating strategies for how to promote it.

A unique thing about my book is that its target audience is HUGE, and yet we can't really pinpoint where to find potential readers, because so many introverted Christians are hovering around churches but not necessarily fully involved in them. So a big marketing push for my book to be small group curricula might not be all that effective, because the people that would most benefit might not be in small groups!

I'm guessing that many of my potential readers have more of an internet presence than they do a church presence. Do you agree? I'm going to be sending out copies of my book to well known bloggers and also be doing some work on Facebook, and my book should have a page on Amazon in the next month. Do you have other ideas? I would love to hear them. Comment or send me an email! Help the introverted cause!