Thursday, October 22, 2009

Critical questions

So here's the all-important question of the weekend:

How does an introvert celebrate the release of his book?

1. Big blow-out party. Not so much.
2. Gathering of a few close friends.
3. On the floor in his room, rolled up into the fetal position
4. Drive to Alaska and live in an abandoned school bus. Later, die from eating poisonous berries.
5. Silent Reading party
6. Hold a sit-IN (get it?) at church on Sunday - during the passing of the peace/greeting time, have all the introverts remain in their seats, staring forward. Possibly sing "we shall overcome."
7. Gather a bunch of introverts to go to a public place, sit in one long row, and look at people. Just to freak them out.

What are some other options?