Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The very first book review

I am committed to not making Introverted Church into a mere shill for Introverts in the Church, but occasionally I do want to share some publicity. Here is the very first book review of Introverts in the Church, courtesy of Lee Ann Lambert, author of Living Introverted. (I've also written a review of her book on Amazon)

You'll notice the box on the far right sidebar entitled "About Introverts in the Church." I'll be updating that over the next few months without necessarily posting about updates. Previews: Christian Century will be printing an excerpt of chapter 6 - "The Ability to Lead" - sometime in October or November, and Christianity Today will be printing a book review sometime in the next 3 months. Check out that box regularly if you're interested! Just added to it: an interview with Christian Retailing, including my answers to the questions 1. How have introverts been overlooked in the church? and 2. Is there assumption that people who are alone are lonely and sad? (Bonus: there is a giant picture of my head there too - I'm working on getting a smaller picture).