Friday, March 26, 2010

Holy Week and April

I'm foregoing blogging for Holy Week, so I want to wish you a meaningful week of re-living the last days of Jesus' life leading us up to the climax of the Christian calendar, Easter Sunday. I always encourage people not to jump from Palm Sunday straight to Easter Sunday, but to seek to enter into the suffering of Christ in Gethsemane and Calvary. If your church doesn't offer Maundy Thursday or Good Friday services, I encourage you to seek them out at nearby churches. If you're from a non-denominational background, try a high-liturgy church for one of those services. Many of them are contemplative, quiet, and profound. Some churches have Tenebrae (darkness) services, in which they slowly turn out the lights at the end of the service, remembering the darkness that fell upon Jerusalem while Jesus hung on the cross. Historically, Christians have fasted from Thursday night until Sunday morning, and if that's extreme for you try fasting for Good Friday or Holy Saturday. It produces a longing, physically as well as spiritually, for the victory of the empty tomb on Sunday morning.

I've been conducting interviews with introverts in various ministries, which I will be posting in April. Check back often next month, and you will hear from youth pastor Lars Rood, church-planter Jamie Arpin-Ricci, missionary to Haiti and author of Following Jesus Through the Eye of a Needle Kent Annan, and introverted Pentecostal pastor (!) John Lathrop.  I'm really excited for this series.

Grace and peace my introverted friends,