Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Royal Canadian Introverted Police

Probably the biggest surprise I have received since publishing Introverts in the Church has been the reception of the book in Canada.  The best theory I can come up with has to do with introverts and geography.  I speculated about this a while back, but I'm working with this notion that the farther north you go from the equator the more introverts you will find (at least by percentage of the population).  My theory goes like this: the colder the weather gets, the more time you are forced to spend indoors.  Indoors is a world of privacy and solitude, where introverts shine. As the weather gets warmer people are out more, and outdoors is a world of social interaction, where introverts lose energy and enjoy less solitude.

It's just a theory, and probably not a good one. I like my time indoors reading and writing for sure, but most of the time I'm inside I'm wishing I was on a golf course. Though I did hear once that Maine has the highest percentage of introverts in the American population, and as someone who has spent significant time in Seattle and in Los Angeles, I can say pretty confidently that Seattle is more introverted by nature.  What do you think?  Am I totally off my rocker?

Anyway, I received my first major newspaper coverage this morning, and guess where it came from?  The Winnipeg Free Press.  Here's the link:

In Defence of Christian Introverts - Winnipeg Free Press 3/6/10

Oh, and Amazon and Barnes and Noble are currently waiting on the 3rd printing of Introverts in the Church from InterVarsity Press (though curiously, it's available on Amazon Canada), so there is a week or two delay in their shipping. has a few left (and it's the cheapest price) and has it in stock too.  Or I can send you out an autographed copy.  If the weather next week looks bleak where you live, and just can't wait. :)