Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Odds and Ends

As of this weekend, I am a certified spiritual director. I just completed a three year program by leading a weekend retreat for another person. I've been doing some spiritual direction for a few years, but now I'm official. I've mentioned this before, but I think spiritual direction may be tailor-made for introverts, especially those who are attracted to contemplative forms of spirituality. It involves deep listening, asking probing questions, and also paying attention to what is happening in yourself. For a great introduction to the topic, check out David Benner's Sacred Companions.

When I tell people I'm a spiritual director, a lot of them get a puzzled look on their faces. I think they imagine some bizarre ethereal, mystical sort of relationship with no real grounding in the Bible or Christian theology. One person actually asked me, "Oh, so you're like an astrologer?" Seriously.  Because of these misnomers, and because I'd really like to see the evangelical community embrace the practice of spiritual direction, I'm going to be writing a few things about it over the next few months for the evangelical portal at Patheos.

Also, I'm just getting into a new book by Todd Hunter called Giving Church Another Chance.  I don't know much about the book, but I do know that Hunter used to be a pastor with The Vineyard and is now a priest in the Anglican church (!)  That's quite a transition.  IVP sent it to me, but only after I requested it. I'll likely talk about it more in the near future.

If you want an autographed copy of Introverts in the Church, you can buy it here and I'll send it out to you.