Thursday, June 24, 2010

Introverted Interviews

In July I will post the last of my interviews with introverts in various ministries and professions.  I'm currently working on questions to ask an introverted therapist I know.  I'm looking forward to reading her responses.

If you've missed the other interviews I've done, here are the links:

Introverted Recording Artist - Natalie Nicole Gilbert

Introverted Pentecostal Preacher - John Lathrop

Introverted Church Planter, Part I and Part II- Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Introverted Missionary and Writer, Part I and Part II - Kent Annan

Introverted Youth Pastor, Part I and Part II - Lars Rood

Sunday, June 20, 2010

USA Today: Social Media and Religion

An article in USA Today takes an interesting angle on the highly publicized issues of privacy on Facebook and in other social media, drawing parallels with the changing nature of religious communities in our culture. It's written by a Presbyterian pastor who talks about how our churches are becoming more extroverted, perhaps as a result of the emphasis on "sharing" and "openness" encouraged by social media. 

And...I am quoted extensively in the article. :)

Is Social Media Changing Religion? USA Today 6/20/2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Going International

I just got back from 2 tremendous weeks in France, celebrating my 10 year anniversary with my lovely wife.  I'll have reflections on traveling in Europe as an introvert sometime in the near future.

Changing continents though - I have an interview scheduled with an Australian radio station in about a week.  I'm wondering if anyone has insight they can share about Australian culture and how it might differ from American culture, in terms of the introvert/extrovert dynamic?  I would greatly appreciate any thoughts - it will help me for the interview.

Oh, and here's an extended interview I did recently with the United Methodist Reporter:

Q&A: Being an introvert in church culture

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Ancient Art of LIstening

My first article for about spiritual direction is now up.  In the article I draw parallels between introversion and spiritual direction and emphasize how both differ from some cultural features of evangelicalism. It is because of my preferences towards introversion that I first became interested in becoming a spiritual director, and my hope is that evangelical churches will begin embracing this ancient spiritual discipline.

The Ancient Art of Listening, by Adam McHugh

Steve McCoy, at Reformissionary, has written the most personal, poignant review of Introverts in the Church that I have seen.  If you're an introvert in ministry, you'll definitely want to read this.

My friend Rachel Held Evans, author of a forthcoming book with the provocative title Evolving in Monkey Town, wrote a review of my book last week and the comment thread is great reading. 

My blogging will be sporadic (sparse?) in the month of June, as I have some other projects in the works as well as some traveling that I'll be doing.