Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Time

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone.  I've always been a big fan of the 4th, not because I'm hyper-patriotic, but because it seems to mandate that everyone slow down for a day.  There's not a lot of preparation for it and it's not a high-paced, high-stress holiday like some of the others.  It's understood that you relax, barbeque, watch baseball (I think baseball may be the ultimate introverted spectator sport), hang out with family and good friends (but not necessarily at a huge party) and watch fireworks. What's not to love for an introvert?

I've been also thinking recently about how many churches change their rhythms during the summer.  Most have a "summer schedule" which involves fewer programs, less movement and activity, and in general a more laid back ethos.  I've never heard a theory for this other than a pragmatic one: people go on vacation during the summer and there isn't as much demands for church programs.  But it occurred to me, what if we had "summer schedule" all year round?  What if we could learn from the pace of the summer that churches do just fine without all the hyper-activity?  I've never heard of a Christian abandoning the faith because there wasn't enough church programming during July and August.  In fact, I know a lot of people who absolutely love the church rhythms of summer.  Something to reflect on, I think.

I did an interview with InterFaith Voices that will be broadcasting this weekend and is also now up online. The show plays on 70 different stations in the US and Canada and you can find the schedule here:

Or you can listen to it, or download it, here:

My interview starts at the 38 min 46 sec point of the show.

Raising a toast to the slow introverted pace of summer...