Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Little Help

I've been talking for a while about a second book proposal, but it's getting pretty legitimate now.  Sorry that I'm not releasing the full topic, but I will tell you the proposed title:

Quick to Listen: Listening as a Way of Life

There's more to it than you think - it's about much more than spirituality and our relationship with God.  I have an introduction and about 2 pages of chapter one so far, along with another dozen pages of other personal and promotional information.  I am sending it in to my agent on Halloween (it's scary!).  It's a tough market out there though, and I could use some help.  Here are a few ways that you can help me get a second book contract:

1. Buy Introverts in the Church.  In this industry, and in this economy, it's all about numbers.  Publishers are turning down great book proposals because they don't think they can sell the books.  Introverts is doing pretty well, for a first-time author that no one has ever heard of, but the numbers still won't impress you all that much.  If you are thinking about buying the book, whether for yourself or for someone else, would you consider buying it in the next week?  If you are thinking about Christmas presents, could you buy it a couple of months in advance?  This will be the number one criterion that a publisher looks at when considering whether to publish my next book.

2. Subscribe to this blog.  The proposal template asks how many subscribers my blog has.

3. Join the Introverts in the Church Facebook page.  This is becoming a great community, with lots of comments and discussion.  And I'm much better about quickly responding to comments there than I am on the blog.

4. Recommend Introverts in the Church to others.  Tweets and Facebook links and blog reviews/mentions are great places to start, as well as, of course, telling people in person (gasp!).  You could link to my Washington Post article for starters, or send them to the blog.

5. Follow me on Twitter

I really appreciate all your help over the last year!  Even introverts can't do these things alone. And I truly love hearing from you.