Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Shmoozing Introvert

Early on in the process of promoting my book, I realized that the promotion business requires a completely different skill set from the writing business.  It even seems to require a completely different temperament.  I described it this way at the outset of the marketing process:

Now that I have moved from the writing stage into the marketing stage of my book, the irony of the process is becoming palpable. I spent a couple of years thinking, researching in libraries, writing in my study and in coffee shops and in hotels, all roles that came very natural for an introvert such as myself. Whereas many of my extroverted friends have struggled and despaired through the writing process, I relished it. Yet now my role switches and the expectations on me are very extroverted. I've become the shmoozing introvert. I'm in very chatty circles meeting strangers, talking constantly, working the room, and trying to conjure the nerve to approach some big names to ask for endorsements.

The contrast between writing a book and marketing a book is the subject of the post today at the Introverts Corner on the Psychology Today website. Sophia Dembling interviewed 4 introverted authors (including me) about what it's like to try and market a book in an extroverted marketplace. I think you'll enjoy it:

Writing the Book is the Easy Part for Introverts