Friday, May 27, 2011

Announcing Introverted Parenting Week

Last week I casually posted four questions about parenting as an introvert and the conversation that resulted was anything but casual. The comments were passionate, heartfelt, and insightful. As someone who is not a parent myself, I was not fully aware of how much introversion affects parenting, whether in the parents or in their children.

I also tossed out an invitation for parents to write a guest post on the topic. In four years of blogging, I have never had anyone take me up on a guest post offer. This week I received FIVE offers to write guest posts on introverted parenting. People are clearly eager to continue this conversation, and to that end, I am announcing

Introverted Parenting Week: 
May 30-June 3rd!

So, even though I know very little about parenting myself, I am delighted to play host to the conversation, pass out tea and crumpets, and listen intently. 

I realize that Monday is Memorial Day, and originally I thought I would start the series on Tuesday, but then I thought that the 3rd day of a 3-day weekend is exactly the right time to start the series. The kids are still home from school, the family is converging, and already-wearied introverts are gasping for air. So, on Monday morning I will post a guest blog from a father who has really captured the struggles of an introverted parent, and I encourage you to find a few introverted moments that day to read it. 

As the week proceeds we'll get practical suggestions and stories of struggle, joy, and victory, and I hope a lively and empathetic conversation will develop around these posts. I have some impressive writers lined up too. Please spread the word!