Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seeking Guest Bloggers

The success of Introverted Parenting Week, combined with the limited time my book writing affords me to write blog posts, leads me to seek guest bloggers. While I can't promise that every proposal will be published, I can promise I will seriously consider each one. I can also promise you a sizable audience, since the blog gets thousands of visitors each month.

Here are some topics I would love guest posts on:

1. Anything Introvert-related, especially as related to:
    A. Experiences with Christian community
    B. The missional church and life
    C. Leadership and pastoring
    D. Parenting

2. Art, writing, and creativity

3. Listening of all kinds

4. Spiritual disciplines, contemplative prayer, spiritual direction.

5. Technology and social media and its relationship to spirituality

6. Books, especially by the authors.

7. Anything else - try me!

If you are interested, email me full articles or else send me a proposal in one or two paragraphs. Contact me at adamsmchugh at gmail dot com.

Here are a few requirements:

1. No more than 600 words.
2. Must be original. You can post it on your own site 7 days later, but it must first appear here.
3. Must be consistent with the tone of this blog. Doesn't have to be introvert-related but must not be polemical, overly academic, or contain purple prose.
4. Cannot be an advertisement for a book or other product. You can talk about your book or music, but the post cannot be a summary of it.
5. You must be open to have your post edited a bit.

If you have any more questions, email me.

Thank you! I can't wait to read your stuff.