Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lots of Hot Air

Well, this week I had planned to write a couple of posts on what I have learned about book promotion, but my literary agency wants to do a blog tour of its authors on August 1st on that subject. So I'll have at least two posts on book promotion around the end of the month. I have LOTS of thoughts on that - at last check at least 18 bullet points. I'll be firing a lot of shots on August 1st.

So, change of plans. I am leading a retreat in the Texas hill country next weekend, at Laity Lodge, which means that I have limited creative energy for writing blog posts. What I am going to do is post a few of my favorite posts from the past on the blog. There are lots of new readers to Introverted Church, so they will be new to many of you. I'll have one posted about 5 minutes after I post this one. I also have two guest posts that I will be putting up this Saturday and next.

I am excited for Laity Lodge, not so much because the average high is 174 degrees there in July, but because of the topic I am speaking on and also the chance to see my good friend Mark Roberts. I am speaking on "The Sacred Groove" - how we can find and embrace our "rhythms" of life in order to grow and love as ourselves. This is a topic I have been fascinated with for a while and I am hoping that some of my material will make it into my second book.

Here is what I am nervous about. I am speaking 4 times over the course of 3 days, which is a first for me. Has anyone ever spoken in such rapid succession before? Do you have any suggestions for me for how to thrive?