Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hospitality for those would rather stay "in"

I love that title. It's what I'm working with for an article I'm writing for Conversations Journal, which is the lone survivor of my recent magazine subscription amputation.  I have been asked to write an article about introverts practicing hospitality. The audience for Conversations is made up primarily of spiritual directors, and my guess is that there are plenty of introverts in that set. I always like to solicit feedback about topics I'm working on, so let me throw out a few questions.

1. What is required in order to be a genuinely hospitable person? What are the outer requirements? The inner realities?

2. How might introverts be particularly skilled at practicing hospitality? How might they struggle? 

3. How have you, as an introvert, succeeded at hospitality? How have you failed?

Thanks everyone! I've been feeling particularly grateful for this community recently. Thanks for all your thoughtful comments.