Monday, January 30, 2012

Your Prayer for Congress

I do not think it is presumptuous to say that one of the greatest honors of my life will be happening on February 28th. I have been asked to offer the opening prayer in the House of Representatives, a practice that goes back to the very beginning of this country. If you are interested in the tradition, here is a brochure that the office of the chaplain puts out. I had the honor of interviewing the current House chaplain, Father Patrick Conroy, last summer, and through his help along with the help of my congressman, I have been invited to be a guest chaplain.

I'll be live on C-Span at noon EST that day if you want to watch (along with the 6 other people who watch C-Span. Okay, maybe 8 that day, if you include my parents). But for now, I would really like to solicit some input.

What would you include in your prayer for Congress, at the start of a day's session? 

Keep in mind that I'm not giving a speech, directed at Congress, but I'm offering a prayer, directed toward God and overheard by Congress (well, mostly staffers). And let's also avoid partisan rants and attacks.

This is not a vanity exercise - I really want help! I'm going to take your thoughts very seriously as I craft my prayer.