Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Anxious Christian: Book Giveaway!!

Last week I shared that I am in the midst of transition, and perhaps nothing carries anxiety with it like transition. The uncertainty, the loss of control, and the ambiguity all mix up a potent anxiety cocktail, and I'm not drinking it in sips.

This seems like the perfect opportunity to introduce to you my friend Rhett Smith's new book The Anxious Christian. In fact, we're going to make history today with the first ever Introverted Church book giveaway. Remember this day, for you will speak of it often, or at least until I shut this blog down. All you have to do is leave a comment between now and Monday at noon pacific and Rhett will pick two winners on Monday afternoon. 

Rhett is a licensed marriage and family therapist who recently stuck it to the man (Freud?) by opening up his own practice, and he also works with The Hideaway Experience where he does some intense work with couples in crisis. Here is what I said in my blurb on his book cover:

Rhett's personal story is profoundly honest - vulnerable, agonizing, and joyful. He does not settle for the quick fixes of pop psychology or the veneer of superficial Christianity. In reading The Anxious Christian you will find yourself plunged into the heart of anxiety, and in the deep waters of God's healing grace. 
That's just good writing. Jon Acuff also wrote the foreword, but mine is better.

Rhett's book is different in two ways: 1. He includes much of his personal story about anxiety, and believe me, there are some heart wrenching moments in there. It reads more like a novel than a psychology textbook or self-help book. 2. He treats anxiety not simply as a problem to be brushed aside but as something that God uses to change us. I get frustrated with pastors and authors who tell us to ignore our feelings and inner stirrings and to get about the business of faithfulness. In contrast, Rhett takes our feelings seriously and invites us to offer them to God rather than pretending that they're not there.

So if you've ever wrestled with anxiety (*cough*everyone!) then this is the book for you.

Boring but necessary logistical discussion: Since this is my first ever book giveaway, I'm a little sketchy on the details. Here is the best I have come up with: Leave a comment about why you want to read this book and then check back on Monday evening. Rhett is going to directly reply to the commentors who win and include his email address, and then the winners will send him their mailing addresses.

Ready? Go.